Coffee: A Portal to a Timeless World

Coffee: A Portal to a Timeless World

This is a guest post by Vanessa Dias who blogs at please check her out she’s great 🙂

Besides the nightfall, the moment I have my morning coffee is my favourite time of the day. It has become a sacred ritual, a message to signal my brain that the day is about to start and that I need to be present. So, I move to the kitchen and I prepare breakfast. I’m eager to make coffee and then sit down either at my kitchen table or in the balcony.

The ritual of doing an egg or an avocado toast, of putting the kettle to boil and see the milk swirling around with the black coffee clears my mind of any other distracting thoughts. It’s bliss when the smell of coffee invades my nose and reaches every single cell of my body long before I have a sip. I intentionally delay myself at that moment, knowing how good it feels too cosy and warm inside my own being.

While I take my breakfast outside, I contemplate the pleasure of food and how lucky I am for having such a meal. This simple exercise of consciousness connects me with the pure sense of being in the present moment – only then there is no past or future. Only then I contemplate and feel the richness of being alive in this world. Why can’t we extend this feeling to the rest of our day? Why do we have to be always rushing around and letting the moments flee by so quickly?

Then, I turn to have a sip of my coffee. I synchronise my breath with the universe and I let the caffeine intensify that connection. At each sip, I not only become more aware of the sounds of nature but also of the noises of the world outside. The cars going by, the people walking down the street in a hurry to arrive somewhere they may not even know about.

Slowly, my mug of coffee becomes empty and the world starts calling for me. It’s almost time to go. It’s almost time to join the crowd. Oh, how I wish I could be in the moment all the time, endlessly drinking coffee, because while I have coffee, I’m in the moment and the moment is all there is. That’s why a day can’t go by without my morning coffee. It’s my own personal portal to a timeless world. It’s my sense of being in a mug.

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