The First Sip

The First Sip

Enjoy this guest post written by Kat Silvia of Siliva News

Coffee has been around since the 15th century with its earliest roots in Ethiopia. It was touted as a magical appetite suppressant and an energy booster. Before coffee spread to Europe it was primarily used in the Middle East for religious practices. “For example, coffee helped its consumers fast in the day and stay awake at night, during the Muslim celebration of Ramadan (Wikipedia).”

The smell of coffee can actually help “trigger” a person to wake up in the morning. My favourite sound in the morning is the coffee percolating. There is something about it that makes me reflect on the day ahead. I have very positive thoughts as I sip my coffee and enjoy my breakfast. “An international group of scientists reports that inhaling the rich, warm aroma of a hot cup of joe may alter the activity of some genes in the brain, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation — no drinking required (”

Drinking coffee has been a part of my life since the age of 10 years old. As a New Englander, drinking coffee is basically part of the lifestyle. I got hooked on it while hanging out with my neighbour who was like a second mother to me. At the age of 17, I started working for Dunkin’ Donuts and stayed with them through most of my college years. I enjoyed working there. Not only did I perfect the art of making great coffee, but I established a great rapport with the regular customers. There was a sense of satisfaction making their orders without them even asking. A lot of times if our lines were long, we would make the regular customers orders (if they only order one thing) so they would not have to wait. I also enjoyed bringing a smile to peoples faces and hopefully starting their workday off on a happy note.

There are many ways people drink coffee. Some people drink it black, or with cream and sugar. There is a lot of “lingo” in the art of ordering coffee. During my Dunkin Donuts years, a regular coffee meant cream and sugar; I have heard the term “blonde” when ordering coffee which refers to the amount of cream to pour in the coffee to make it the light tan colour, and one of the most popular orders was light and sweet. I like to enjoy my coffee with a 1/2 tablespoon of Italian sweet creamer with a few packets of stevia.

Relaxation with a cup of coffee is the perfect way to de-stress. My friend Marc is an avid coffee drinker and loves Starbucks (which is a never-ending coffee debate between Dunkin Donuts in New England). “When the weather isn’t good I like to go to Starbucks, my favourite coffee spot to read the paper, listen to music, or just people watch. When the weather is nice I like to sit on the back on the deck and listen to the birds.” Marc also goes to the beach in the summer to catch some rays while he drinks his coffee.

The coffee selection in the grocery store is a disappointment here in Arizona. To say I was bewildered at the lack of coffee selection when I moved here 9 years ago was an understatement. I am a flavoured coffee drinker, and there wasn’t much of a selection beyond vanilla, hazelnut and cafe mocha. On rare occasions, I will order my favourite coffee online which is Blueberry Coffee which has notes of blueberry and cinnamon. It’s made by a coffee roasting company in Massachusetts called New England Coffee. I have had several of their flavours. This company makes a fantastic Gingerbread coffee for a limited time around the holidays. You can find New England Coffee at

Cafe Du Monde is a very famous coffee shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are well known for a French pastry called beignets, which is similar to a doughnut. Although I haven’t visited yet, I found their coffee at a store in Arizona four years ago that sells treats from many parts of the world. In fact, it is some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. It has a very nice strong robust flavour. I have had the French roast and the chicory. You can find this coffee on Amazon, which is cheaper than the local store I was buying it from

Drinking coffee whether it be alone or with a friend is extremely enjoyable. It’s a nice way to connect, relax and reflect on positive aspects of our lives. It’s also fun to eat a nice pastry with coffee like cinnamon sticks. However you drink your coffee, and wherever you are drinking it, cheers to your first sip!

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